Apex Spawner

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Apex Spawner
Apex Spawner.png
File:Apex Spawner2.png
Type: Object
Rarity: Common
Value: Pixel.png x500
Spawn your very own Apex villager!

This will let me summon one of my people.
An Apex dispenser. Unusual.
Magic monkeyman out of air!
Philosophical. Do these spawned beings have souls?
Cool, a monkey machine.

The apex spawner appears as a blue hologram of an ape with a teleporter node at it's base. Working spawners spawn NPCs you can talk to, in this case, it spawns an Apex.

Use[edit | edit source]

Used in recipes:

No recipes use this item.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]


Recipe: Apex Spawner
Apex Spawner.png
Creates: x1 Apex Spawner
Groups: spawnerstation, objects, all, other
Ingredients: x20 Steel Bar

Dropped by: { I like trains ul}}