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This page is for coordinates that are from the current stable release! For older coordinates from a previous game update before the current stable update, please see Coordinates (old).

The Navigation Screen

Coordinates are used to visit planets by identifying their approximate location in the universe. However, a star system and specific planet name is still required. They can be shared with other people so that they can visit the same planet, as every star, planet, moon and asteroid field within the game has a unique set of coordinates.

Coordinates have important X and Y values which are represented in the Navigation Console.

The way the game generates planets is closely tied to specific coordinates in such that makes for playing completely unique, but also lets different players in different games to find the same planet if they're at the same coordinates which enables community coordinates sharing. Being able to share in game discoveries and unique locations can help different players best find resources (like High-Tech Chests or other loot), dungeons (with high quality loot), and/or villages (typically having NPCs selling stuff).)

NOTE 1: Universe star systems and planets are different for every operating system! For example, Windows and OSX have completely different universe files, so a set of coords from a Windows Starbound game may not work for OSX versions!

NOTE 2: If you are adding a new coordinate, please go to the Biome page and add your coordinate data to it's respective biome page, such as the Forest biome page. (Do not add your coordinates to the Biome page)

NOTE 3: Unique chest contents (like Techs and Legendary items) are completely randomized from player to player, and those listed below may or may not ultimately be what you find in a given chest.

Release 1.0

Add your own discoveries! Simply copy and paste the top level bar and fill in the data. Don't worry about making it look pretty overly much, another editor will surely pretty it up for you!

Windows (64-bit)

Coordinates: X, Y Star System: Planet Name: Biome: Threat Level: Points of Interest: Crops: Tech:
-182583324, 109924090 Infernal environment Huge Glitch dungeon and large castle, right of spawn.
20248065, -200284690 Xini Sigma Xini Sigma IV Frozen Rundown Apex camp just west (left) of spawn.
-60683626, -800951268
Tajat Ridge I- Desert planet
East:Lots of destert houses, Hyoltl Dungeon, Apex Apartments
West:Huge Glitch Castle
Tajat Ridge V-A - Desert
East: Floran Dungeon pit
West: Apex Rebellion
Tejat Ridge VII - Forest
East: USMC Prison, single glitch house
West: Avian Village(lots of small buildings, strange pyramid thing, nothing special really)
Tejat Ridge VIII- Forest
West: Floran Village
East: Avian Temple
Tejat Ridge II- Desert
East: Abandoned Apex lab, Small avian pyramid, desert home
West: USCM penal colony
Tejat Ridge III- Desert
East:Avian arial pirate ship, fox people homes, rainbow forest
West:Small desert home, underground small desert bunker, Avian village with large tower
Tejat Ridge IV-a - Desert
East: A couple lone towers and a glitch Castle
West: Healing waters with sandstone buildings, immediately after is an Avian City with lots of shops





Morass III

Jungle East-Florian City ,Avian City

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