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This is the data page for this item.

Important note: These data pages are periodically overwritten with fresh data from the game. Edits made to these pages will not be preserved.

Parameter Property Value
Has content page Ash Block
(|dps= in {{Item infobox}}) Has dps
name Has name Ash Block
rarity Has rarity Common
Has rarity/index 1
max_stack Has stack size
kind Is of kind
type Is of type matitem
description Has description Ash packed tight into a solid block.
glitch_description Has Glitch description Curious. A block of ash.
flora_description Has Flora description Burny block.
human_description Has Human description
hylot_description Has Hylot description
apex_description Has Apex description
avian_description Has Avian description
price Has price
category Is in category
race Is for race
twohanded Is two-handed False
firetime Has fire time
projectile_speed Has projectile speed
projectile_power Has projectile power
projectile_armor_pen Has projectile armor penetration
status_effects Is from item
Has value
Has effect
multiplier Has multiplier
weapon_type Has weapon type
cooldown Has cooldown
ammo_usage Has ammo usage
dam_reduction_per_energy Has damage reduction per energy
rate_of_swing Has minimum rate of swing
Has maximum rate of swing
rate_of_fire Has minimum rate of fire
Has maximum rate of fire
recoil_time Has recoil time
spread Has minimum spread
Has maximum spread
baseDps Has minimum base DPS
Has maximum base DPS
Is in loot pool
Is created with recipe
Is required by recipe