Guard Spawner

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Guard Spawner
Guard Spawner.png
File:Guard Spawner2.png
Type: Object
Rarity: Common
Value: Pixel.png x500
Spawn your very own guard!

I could do with some extra protection from the Miniknog.
With a guard, Kluex wouldn't dare touch me.
Floran can guard ssself! But more guard not hurt.
Content. There is strength in numbers.
I've always wanted an entourage.

Once placed, this item will spawn a guard in the general vicinity of the spawner once the world is reloaded. This item will spawn a random guard, not specifically one of your race. Ex: A Glitch placing a guard spawner can get an Avian guard.

IMPORTANT: If you attack any of the guards or civilians, all of the placed guards in the area will turn hostile towards you. (v. Indignant Koala)