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Type: Object
Rarity: Rare
Value: Pixel.png x750
Used to produce raw pixels from ore.

I can put ore in here to make pixels.
Making pixels out of ore. Helpful.
Machine sssmash rocks, make money.
Statement. Ore can be converted into pixels here.
It prints money! Sort of!

Recipe: Refinery
Creates: x1 Refinery
Groups: ironcraftingtable, objects, all, tools
Ingredients: x20 Steel Bar
x20 Data:Items

Unlocked with:

Starmap Upgrade Mk TBD


Item refined Pixels per Ore Pixels per Bar
Copper 5 10
Iron 10 20
Silver 15 30
Gold 25 50
Platinum 50 100
Diamond 100 200
1k Voxel 600
2k Voxel 1200
5k Voxel 3000
10k Voxel 6000

History[edit | edit source]