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3D Printer

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The 3D printer UI.

The 3D Printer (aka the Pixel Printer) is one of the main methods in Starbound to craft new materials and items. It utilizes Pixels (which can also be crafted in the refinery) to scan and then print various objects, allowing for mass production and reproduction of various items, weapons, armors, etc. When a printable object is scanned, the player uses a number of pixels and the original item in the process. From that point on, they can create more of that object at any time using only Pixels as a base material. As of now, materials (such as blocks, ores, ingots, etc.) cannot be printed.



The scanner element is what allows the player to scan items. Once an item is scanned, it is lost forever, but reproductions can be made using the printer with only Pixels as the source. To scan an item, place it into the hotkey bar at the top of the screen, or open the inventory screen at the same time and view the printer and inventory screen side by side. Then while the printer is open, drag and drop the item from the hotkey bar into the "scan" field on the printer interface.

Results Panel

The results panel shows both the results of 3D printing and of the scanning device. This panel is actually two separate windows titled appropriately.


The categories area shows the various saved 3D blueprints in various categories.

Compatible Items

Large Old Chest x??? px to scan, x750 px to print Old Chest x125 px to scan, x500 px to print Glitch Chest x125 px to scan, x500 px to print