A Glitch Introduction

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A Glitch Introduction
Rarity: Common
Description: Created, Not Born.
Short Description: Glitch Origins

Statement. Created by a mysterious race, the Glitch were designed to serve a single purpose: a race controlled by a single hivemind, tireless workers who could build and create. Critical, the Glitch were left to expand and evolve, eventually deconstructing themselves to discover that they were artificial.

Glitch understanding of the world led to the realization that an artificial species must have a creator. Sceptical. This discovery triggered self-awareness in the Glitch. Some accepted their role in the universe, others began to question it.

Melancholy. This caused much civil turmoil, which lasted hundreds of years. As such, the Glitch failed to evolve beyond basic construction abilities. Regret. The Glitch experiment was abandoned and the species was left to fend for itself.