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Avian Airships are floating ships inhabited by crew members and a quartermaster, all of which are Avian. You can find the ship's location marked by a large anchor. The bottom of the anchor is usually found on a long and flat stretch of land, and can be climbed via placing Wood Platforms or Dirt blocks on it. Once on board, you can find all sorts of items for sale by various NPCs.

Items[edit | edit source]

Kluex Meta

Merchants[edit | edit source]

  • Quartermaster (a variety of firearms)

Enemies & Hazards[edit | edit source]

  • Crewmember (passive)
  • Birds (hostile)
  • Quartermaster (passive)
  • Propeller

Locations[edit | edit source]

Discovered By: Sector: Coordinates: Star System: Planet Name: Biome: Threat Level: Points of Interest: Game Version:
Kensho ? 6504481418,


Naos Minoris V Jungle Dangerous Right of Spawn, above Anchor 1.1.0(Stable)
dipp 455925615, 338903337 Epingi I Forest Dangerous Left of spawn, above anchor 1.0.2
UnknownX20 Alpha -63034714, 94563476 Ragnarok 963 I d Forest 1 Left of spawn Enraged Koala
MrBanny Epsilon -282360793, 54636730 Erato 11 VI Forest Risky Left of spawn (shorter)
MrBanny Delta -282360795, 54636760 Tania Australis 061 V Arid Extreme Right of spawn
Kai X -38803433, -24915042 Maximus 09 V d Forest 8 Go to the left from where you spawned.
CoolPikachu12 X -62050434, 82818610 Pikka 56 IV d Forest 10 Go to the left from where you spawned.
CoolPikachu12 Alpha -62050101, 82819167 Theta Cap Minoris IV d Forest 1 Keep going left from where you spawned.
Breakpoint8088 Gamma -31338, -31339 Nu Hya 81 I a Snow 3 Just left of the Glitch shack you spawn into.
Anonymous Alpha 34095546, -95159178 WAZ 10 IV Arid 1 Go left until you see an anchor. Climb it to get to the ship.
Stunboy/OverPowa Alpha -3289853, 16664058 Ratatoskr Majoris II Forest 1 Go on the left of your spawnpoint.
Scooby X 42484405, -75380388 X Marsha 881 IIa Grasslands 8 Immediately at the spawn.
Freak Fest Delta 10468888, -10645332 Algieba 9736 I c Moon 4 Left of the spawn.
Yoshez Gamma -31341, -31374 Zeta Cru 439 IV c Jungle 3 Go left from spawn, just past the shack comes the airship.
Glitch Beta -76449478, 16731521 Beta Thormium 16 I c arid 2 go left and find the anchor.
Rogue69 Beta -97074670, -77208278 Beta Theta 243 IV Jungle 2 Go left from spawn, just past the stage.
MouseInvictus Beta -76852476, 41146843 Beta Zeta Cas 994 IV b Savanna 2 Left from spawn on large flat plain, about 2 minutes travel.
MouseInvictus Beta -76852476, 41146843 Beta Zeta Cas 994 IV d Desert 2 Opposite side of planet from spawn, going left seems faster.
D1SHW4SH3R Beta 64562135, 21613348 Beta Sadalbari (Mu) Minoris II ? Savanna 2 Left, a while past a small avian house with sawblade traps.
ProGuy222 Alpha 7649689, 40835743 Alpha Markithion 064 IV ? Forest 1 Far left from the spawn few Avian houses on the way with a sawblade house.
Babomancer Delta -73800905, -81688982 Delta Sethusk 14 V a arid 4 About a minute left of spawn, just past a metallic bridge over green water/lava
ZeroXx147 Alpha 90662165, 58993236 Alpha 89 Her 233 IV a Desert 5 Far from the spawn to the left.
YelloMellow Alpha  ??, ?? Alpha Lambda Tau 4608 I a Forest 1 Small ways to the left from spawn.
Megatron992 Alpha 85044520, 41268905 Alpha Kappa Cas 32 VI c Desert 1 Left from spawn.
tugi X 84322788, 832813 X Xi Boo 4000 VI Tundra 6 Left from spawn.
costellio92 Alpha -172006229, 75924166 Alpha HR 1107 Cep 63 I Desert 1 Left from spawn.
Papercut Beta -92286200, 62196114 Beta Gamma Koric 83 II a Savannah 2 Left from spawn, quite a long trek
OkbVinyl  ? 919887484, 795890435 Epsilon Tau Cyg 95 VIII Snow Dangerous To the right from deploy Upbeat Giraffe Update 2 [unstable] 03 Feb 2015
Nigel Sheldon - -17, 21 Gamma 70 Oph 02 V Magma/ Lava extreme heat to the left from deploy Upbeat Giraffe
Nigel Sheldon - -43, 13 Epsilon Zeta Tuc 6975 Ia Magma/ Lava extreme heat to the right from deploy Upbeat Giraffe
nogard Delta -246096052, 617052769 Delta Lenna 4632 II a Ice/Snow extreme cold Keep going to the right until you find it. Upbeat Giraffe
Godot - 21907741, 292291204 Iota II a Alien Radioactive Far Left, deep within an Eyeball Sub-Biome Pleased Giraffe
Golden/Kwest100 - -122335223,


the dubhe formation II Alien Radioactive right, Passed glitch castle Glad Giraffe

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The quality of guns from the Quartermaster varies, typically depending on the level of the planet will correlate.
  • You can also find ore, and pixels in containers as well.
  • Propellers will kill the player instantly, so they're used commonly to grief servers.
  • Birds can knock you off during your ascent up the anchor, and on a planet with high gravity, this can usually result in death. On deck, they'll still be a hazard. Crewmembers will immediately attack them, so be careful not to get caught in the line of fire.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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