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Keyboard[edit | edit source]

Basic[edit | edit source]

?: What about using gadgets?
W: Move Forward / Reel in grappling hook
A: Move Left
D: Move Right
S: Crouch / Reel out grappling hook
SPACE: Jump / Disconnect grappling hook
SHIFT: Walk / 1x1 Block Placement/Digging
0-9: Select hotbar item
MOUSE WHEEL: Scroll through hotbar items
`: Set to Primary and Secondary
X: Toggle between Primary and Secondary and current slot
LMB: Attack Primary / Mine Foreground / Place Foreground
RMB: Attack Secondary / Mine Background / Place Background
Z: Swap Primary and Secondary Slots
I: Inventory
C: Crafting
N: Inspect
/: Chat starting with a "/"
L: Codex
J: Quest Journal
Q: Drop item in hand
F: Engage Skyline Rider (Needs to be enabled)
ALT: Show Names and Use-able Items as well as hunger bar
ARROW KEYS: Makes different faces on your character
F1: Remove hud
F6: Video streaming options
F11: Change to either fullscreen or windowed mode

Help[edit | edit source]

S+Space: Drop down a platform
LMB: Dig/Place Foreground
RMB: Dig/Place Background
CTRL: Adjust camera position