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This is the data page for this item.

Important note: These data pages are periodically overwritten with fresh data from the game. Edits made to these pages will not be preserved.

Parameter Property Value
Has content page Fabric
(|dps= in {{Item infobox}}) Has dps
The page type input value ":" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process.
"" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 4.
name Has name Fabric
rarity Has rarity Common
Has rarity/index 1
max_stack Has stack size
kind Is of kind
type Is of type item
description Has description A small square of fabric.
glitch_description Has Glitch description
flora_description Has Flora description
human_description Has Human description
hylot_description Has Hylot description
apex_description Has Apex description
avian_description Has Avian description
novakid_description Has Novakid description
price Has price
category Is in category
race Is for race
twohanded Is two-handed False
projectile_speed Has projectile speed
projectile_power Has projectile power
projectile_armor_pen Has projectile armor penetration
status_effects Is from item
Has value
Has effect
multiplier Has multiplier
weapon_type Has weapon type
rate_of_fire Has rate of fire
damage_per_shot Has damage per shot
energy_per_shot Has energy per shot
cooldown Has cooldown
swingspeed Has swingspeed
damage_per_swing Has damage per swing
firing_rate Has minimum firing rate
Has maximum firing rate
recoil_time Has recoil time
spread Has minimum spread
Has maximum spread
baseDps Has minimum base DPS
Has maximum base DPS
Is in loot pool
Is created with recipe Data:Recipes/Fabric
Is required by recipe Data:Recipes/Apex Commander Jacket
Data:Recipes/Apex Commander Pants
Data:Recipes/Apex Flag
Data:Recipes/Apex Navy Jacket
Data:Recipes/Apex Navy Pants
Data:Recipes/Apex Officer Jacket
Data:Recipes/Apex Officer Pants
Data:Recipes/Apex Specialist Jacket
Data:Recipes/Apex Specialist Pants
Data:Recipes/Avian Adventurer Pants
Data:Recipes/Avian Adventurer Shirt
Data:Recipes/Avian Commoner Shirt
Data:Recipes/Avian Commoner Skirt
Data:Recipes/Avian Fancy Shirt
Data:Recipes/Avian Fancy Skirt
Data:Recipes/Avian Flag
Data:Recipes/Avian Worker Pants
Data:Recipes/Avian Worker Shirt
Data:Recipes/Bug Net
Data:Recipes/Casual Pants
Data:Recipes/Casual Shirt
Data:Recipes/Cool Jacket
Data:Recipes/Cool Pants
Data:Recipes/Craftsmen Pants
Data:Recipes/Craftsmen Shirt
Data:Recipes/Cupid's Diaper
Data:Recipes/Cupid's Sash
Data:Recipes/Cupid's Wings
Data:Recipes/Dastardly Eyepatch
Data:Recipes/Decoy Princess
Data:Recipes/Floran Flag
Data:Recipes/Floran Furnivour Chest
Data:Recipes/Floran Furnivour Legs
Data:Recipes/Floran Hunter Chest
Data:Recipes/Floran Hunter Legs
Data:Recipes/Floran Leaf Chest
Data:Recipes/Floran Leaf Legs
Data:Recipes/Floran Pelt Chest
Data:Recipes/Floran Pelt Legs
Data:Recipes/Floran Survivalist Chest
Data:Recipes/Floran Survivalist Legs
Data:Recipes/Glitch Flag
Data:Recipes/Human Flag
Data:Recipes/Hylotl Flag
Data:Recipes/Kimono Pants
Data:Recipes/Kimono Shirt
Data:Recipes/Merchant Pants
Data:Recipes/Merchant Shirt
Data:Recipes/Monk Pants
Data:Recipes/Monk Shirt
Data:Recipes/Noble Pants
Data:Recipes/Noble Shirt
Data:Recipes/Novakid Flag
Data:Recipes/Peasant Pants
Data:Recipes/Peasant Shirt
Data:Recipes/Short Cape
Data:Recipes/Simple Cape
Data:Recipes/Sweat Pants
Data:Recipes/Traditional Pants
Data:Recipes/Traditional Shirt
Data:Recipes/Trainee Pants
Data:Recipes/Trainee Shirt
Data:Recipes/Wooden Bed
Data:Recipes/Work Pants
Data:Recipes/Work Shirt