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A pre-release screenshot of a Dungeon room.

A Dungeon in Starbound is a special structure on a planet. Each dungeon is procedurally generated with randomized layout, loot, and enemies. Note that the discovery of dungeons is constantly ongoing, and will be noted as more information is found.

Dungeon Generation

A dungeon template image to guide generation. This image size is magnified by 700% for clarity, so the actual image size is 150x69

Dungeons are sectioned off into different rooms, and corridors, and with each room made of a single of image. Each pixel in a template image directs the placement of blocks, objects, spawn points, connection points, etc upon planet generation.

The engine then intelligently joins the rooms together to produce dungeon designs. It places monster spawns and chests in random locations inside the generated dungeon. The engine is also capable of randomizing what a single pixel means, so one room could appear in different ways.

The pixel colors tell the engine what to place when generating a dungeon, such as placing air or connecting two rooms together.

Accepted blocks Pixel colour
Any Pink
Biome-specific Grey
Room connection Blue
Sky Black

Hundreds of these images exist within the game's assets, being used to generate all sorts of dungeon types, including microdungeons, natural caves, wrecks, and sci-fi dungeons to explore.[1]


On some planets, there may be tombs or small places that seem unnatural to the local surroundings, typically located deep underground. Most likely these micro dungeons feature breakable pots and unique decoration items, but also can include High-Tech Chests or normal Chests.

Specific Dungeons With Information

Apex Dungeons
Apex Chamber Apex Laboratory
Apex Chamber Apex Laboratory
Avian Dungeons
Avian Airship Avian Tomb Avian Tower
Avian Airship Avian Tomb Avian Tower
Floran Dungeons
Floran Prison
Floran Prison
Glitch Dungeons
Glitch Castle Infected Laboratory Noble's House
Glitch Castle Infected Laboratory Noble's House
Human Dungeons
USCM Marine Facility USCM Penal Colony
USCM Marine Facility USCM Penal Colony

Bugs & Anomalies

Bug : Big dungeons with hostile enemies cause great lag.
Bug : The ground above and below structures (dungeons, ships, labs, etc) is now always flat, like every structure is a village.
Bug : Dungeons that appear over the 'terminator' in the middle of the world (or rather at the edges due to the clever world looping) are essentially cut in half and end in a brick wall.


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Space: Coordinates • Star System • Star • Asteroid Field • Gate • Planet • Moon
Generated structures: Cave • Dungeon • Microdungeon • Ore vein • Tree • Village
Matter: Blocks • Liquids • Entities (Monsters • The Player) • Items • Renewable Resources
Sound: Ambience • Music