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The Floran
A Floran selected in the character creation screen.

Florans are a playable race in Starbound. They are plant-like beings that are known to be extremely hostile and tribal despite their peaceful physique. They are prone to war with rival factions, be it by conservation or tradition is currently unknown. They are very skilled at reverse-engineering stolen technology from curious explorers (they obtained faster-than-light travel technology from an Avian warship that crashed on their homeworld). Florans are also renowned for having a natural fear of fire and electricity.

Background[edit | edit source]

One would expect a race of sentient humanoid plants to be peaceful, nature-loving environmentalists – that presumption is what allows this hyper-aggressive tribal civilization to thrive. Unwitting explorers are prey of choice to the carnivorous Florans, who frequently salvage or reverse engineer the technology they bring to enable their colonisation of the stars.

Introducing space travel to the primitive Florans had the undesired effect of Floran colonies spanning across star systems, each with their own customs and levels of aggression. Despite this, individual Florans have been known to split apart from their society to lead their own lives in isolation or in the solace of other races, at the cost of being cut off from the collective and considered enemies of all flora for good.

Though a unisex race, Floran culture values survival through reproduction and expansion over environmentalism or any percieved bond to Mother Nature. Cannibalism during funeral rituals and wars with rival factions are commonplace, though it remains unclear whether it’s out of conservation or simple tradition.

Their aggressive nature appears to be borne from a lack of a concept of non-plant life as opposed to outright contempt. Owing to their relatively young age as a species, this tenet dominates their culture and justifies their treatment of visiting races, though there are signs of some beginning to question this, implying that Floran individuals might not be inherently “evil” as previously thought.

Relations with other races[edit | edit source]

The highly widespread distribution of the Florans and the social differences between every Floran tribe makes diplomatic relations extremely difficult to calculate. However, it is known that Florans hold a universal disdain for the Hylotl, owing to a brutal conflict between the two races that resulted in the devastation of the Hylotls' home planet.

It is thought that relations with the Apex are particularly cold, as the Florans eat Apex meat as a delicacy (evidenced through various examinations of Apex furniture as a Floran). It is highly likely that the Florans' appetite has soured relations with Humans and Avians as well, the former owing to their biological similarity to the Apex and the latter evidenced by the Florans' apparent consideration of the Avians' burial of their dead to be "such a waste" (of good meat).

Relations with the Glitch, however, seem to be more positive, since it is unlikely for a Floran to try to consume metal (despite their tendency/desire to eat virtually every other race) and the warm greetings a Floran receives upon entering a Glitch village (and vice versa). It also appears that some of the Glitch have attempted to teach Florans to read, write and do arithmetic (read in a codex found in a Floran Township).

NPC villages[edit | edit source]

Floran generally live inside huge trees and their items are made from meat and leather from a different variety of animals. They also occasionally reside in vast underground prison fortresses, where it can be assumed that they keep "rogue" Florans to be eaten later (therefore making them more akin to cattle farms/slaughterhouses).

Floran architecture is mostly centered around plants, particularly bamboo (as it is considered to be "strong as metal and [easy to] grow replacement"), with bamboo doors, walls and windows, and roofs made from thatched hay. Even their bricks (where they exist) are made from plant material, as can be discovered when harvesting a Floran fortress for materials.

One can find food merchants in great abundance in a Floran village, usually selling meat and other animal parts, reflecting their hunter culture.

Gameplay Effects[edit | edit source]

If the Player chooses to be a Floran, certain things are different:

  • The gender buttons will be replaced with red and blue flowers, and various options will be relabeled to correspond properly with Floran physiology.
  • It has been hinted that a Floran's starting armor will slowly regenerate energy in direct Sunlight (much like photosynthesis).
  • You are able to eat food items that would normally be poisonous for other races.

Floran Ship[edit | edit source]

The Floran ship is very similar in appearance to the Apex ship, except that it is overgrown with plants. This suggests that the ship was stolen from a Apex pilot (reinforced by the seat purportedly smelling "of Apex butt", which also suggests that Florans have a heightened sense of smell, probably to assist with hunts). From this it can be assumed that some spacefaring Florans become pirates.

Floran Ship Upgrade Levels[edit | edit source]

Level 1[edit | edit source]

Floran Ship Upgrade 1.PNG

Level 2[edit | edit source]

Floran Ship Upgrade 2.PNG

Level 3[edit | edit source]

Floran Ship Upgrade 3.PNG

Level 4[edit | edit source]

Floran Ship Upgrade 4.PNG

Level 5[edit | edit source]

Floran Ship Upgrade 5.PNG

Level 6[edit | edit source]

Floran Ship Upgrade 6.PNG

Level 7[edit | edit source]

Floran Ship Upgrade 7.PNG

Level 8[edit | edit source]

Floran Ship Upgrade 8.PNG

Notes[edit | edit source]

Floran are not regarded with a very high opinion by any race, and even less so when they gained the technology of space travel