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This is meant to create a list of resource pages to help players with Starbound, from early game content and to more advanced gameplay, such as mining strategies. Guides do not have to be in the form of traditional guides, as even anything of community use is valuable, whether they are in-depth studies on the game's coding or interesting observations.

Page names should begin with "Guide:", as for example, Guide:Getting Started.

Needed guides[edit | edit source]

  • Collecting all armor and vanity items
  • Painting
  • Pixel art in Starbound guide
  • Vanity sets, dyes, accessories, etc
  • Melee, ranged, and energy tier progress (tier five and onward)
  • Buffing foods crafting guide
  • Enemy farming
  • Guides for new and major gameplay mechanics brought on as of Upbeat Giraffe

General: Getting Started • Beginner's Guide • Inventory Management • Bosses

Bosses: Bone Dragon strategies • Dreadwing the Penguin strategies • Erchius Horror strategies • Fatal Circuit strategies • Jelly strategies