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Health Bar

The hit points of a player, enemy, or NPC in Starbound are measured by Health. The player starts out with a default 100 health. When the remaining hit points reaches zero, the player/monster dies. Certain armor will increase the player's max health.


Health can be taken away whenever a target takes damage. Damage can come from various sources such as enemy attacks, negative status such as burning, freezing, falling, poisoning, and hostile projectiles.


The death penalty in Starbound is that 30% of the player's pixels are lost. There is no way to change what you lose, it is unknown if this will be added later in the game development. The player revives after a short animation and he or she will be back on their Spaceship.

Tip: Pressing ESC during the revive animation will skip the animation and immediately place the player on the ship.

Healing & Health Regeneration Speed

Damage taken without a shield does not recover on its own, however there are various ways to heal, such as:

Regeneration Speed: Interrogation Table>Bed>Basic Tent