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Your homeworld is a planet you select as your planetary base of operations. The teleportation pad will allow to return to this planet whenever you want to.

Selecting a Homeworld

To select a planet as your Homeworld you need to use the ships navigation controls (the chair in the front of the ship) to select the planet, and then clicking the Set Homeworld button. Setting a Homeworld will allow you to warp to this planet by the use of the Teleportation Pad on your spaceship, from any place in the universe.

When you do so, a whole new aspect of gameplay opens up. Everything that makes a planet unique is at your command. Don't like the terrain? You can terraform it! (Note; this feature is yet to be implemented) Every aspect of the planet is under your control. Build a sprawling metropolis, or a small town. A homeworld is the first step to a universal empire!