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Playing Instruments & Adding Songs
Two players rocking out on a Saxophone and Banjo.

Instruments are a type of item in Starbound that the Player can use to play pre-created music. Adding .abc files in the [...]/starbound/assets/songs folder will result in more songs. (game restart necessary) The .abc files for lots of songs are downloadable at various websites, just google it! When using an instrument, the song GUI shows up, which shows a list of song options.

Instrument Description Image
Accordion An accordion. Get those arms working!

Accordion Icon.png

Acoustic Guitar an acoustic guitar. Perfect for campfire songs.

Acoustic Guitar Icon.png

Banjo A banjo. Get ready to duel!

Banjo Icon.png

Bass Guitar A bass guitar. Lay down some rhythm.

Bass Guitar Icon.png

Clarinet A clarinet. Try not to squeak.

Clarinet Icon.png

Drum Kit A drum kit. Better warn the neighbours.

Drum Kit Icon.png

Electric Bass Guitar An electric bass guitar. Lay down some rhythm.

Electric Bass Guitar Icon.png

Floran Bone Xylophone A bone Xylophone. Produces a killer sound.

Floran Bone Xylophone Icon.png

Flute A flute. But is it magic?

Flute Icon.png

Hammered Dulcimer A hammered dulcimer. Bash out a tune.

Hammered Dulcimer Icon.png

Harmonica A harmonica. Favorite instrument of grizzled space captains.

Harmonica Icon.png

Harp A harp. Plucky.

Harp Icon.png

Koto A koto. For that oriental sound.

Koto Icon.png

Lead Guitar A lead guitar. For those who like to showboat.

Lead Guitar Icon.png

Microphone A microphone. Do your best Elvis impersonation.

Microphone Icon.png

Microphone (Female) A microphone. For all the soulful divas out there.

Microphone Icon.png

Music Box A music box. is this a wind-up?

Music Box Icon.png

Nylon Guitar A nylon guitar. it gently weeps.

Nylon Guitar Icon.png

Oboe An oboe. it's pretty dusty.

Oboe Icon.png

Ocarina An ocarina. Make sure you have time to practice.

Ocarina Icon.png

Overdrive Guitar A guitar. For those who like distortion.

Overdrive Guitar Icon.png

Piano A piano. Truly a key instrument.

Piano Icon.png

Reed Organ A Reed organ. Don't blow this performance.

Reed Organ Icon.png

Rock Organ A rock organ. A real stadium-filler.

Rock Organ Icon.png

Saxophone A saxophone. For when you've got the space blues.

Saxophone Icon.png

Steel Drum A steel drum. Let's make some noise.

Steel Drum Icon.png

Trumpet A trumpet. Try not to blow your own horn.

Trumpet Icon.png

Violin A violin. Don't bow out just yet.

Violin Icon.png

Bugs & Anomalies[edit | edit source]

Bug : If your ABC notation files are not in the standard format, trying to play them on any instrument crashes the game (Windows 7).
Bug : Some songs can crash the game. The reason in unknown as of now.
Bug : Picking up an instrument from inside a container, clicking outside it, placing it in your inventory, playing it and proceeding to exit the chest will glitch your ship. You may warp out of it, but warping back into it will give you a black screen, only allowing you to warp back out.
Bug : Opening song GUI, switching hold item and trying to play the song will teleport to your ship.
Bug : ABC songs not specifically written for band play are out of sync
Bug : Sometimes other players will fail to generate music despite playing instruments.

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