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Starbound houses an extensive item database at its core, allowing for the crafting, wielding, and use of various items, including Tools, Tech, and more. These various items are either found, crafted, or given as part of quest rewards.


The various Tools available in Starbound allow for the quicker manipulation of the world at large, and includes Matter Manipulators and other such tools. Check out the Tools page for an extensive listing of tools available in Starbound.


Weapons in Starbound allow for extended defensive and offensive capabilities, and make dealing with any alien presence on the various worlds you will visit that much easier. Check out the Weapon page for an extensive listing of weapons available in Starbound.


Armor allows for the defensive outfitting of the player character, allowing for the absorption of damage and deflection of blows. This makes alien life much easier to deal with. Check out the Armor page for an extensive listing of armor available in Starbound.


Objects in Starbound are things that can be interacted with, manipulated, gathered, or altered. Check out the Objects page for an extensive listing of objects available in Starbound.


Check out the Tiles page for an extensive listing of tiles available in Starbound.


Food allows for gradual healing, removal of certain status effects, and the replenishment of the food meter, preventing starvation and the related loss of health due to depleted food stocks. Check out the Food page for an extensive listing of food items available in Starbound.


Tech is an extremely important part of Starbound, as it allows for the creation of more complex and useful items, tools, weapons and more. Tech can be found on the ship proper and through various derived items. Check out the Tech page for an extensive listing of tech available in Starbound.

Bugs & Anomalies

Anomaly: Consumables with non-stacking effects are permitted to be used at any time, wasting that consumable. Bandages are an example.
Anomaly: Items that require +2 blocks to stand on, require all these blocks to be there, without any holes.

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