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The purpose of this page is to list all current known anomalies (which is something that may not actually be a bug and an intended feature) players have come across. Single-player anomalies may also apply to multiplayer.

This page is designed only to collect currently known anomalies! See Version History, but also a list of known bugs as well.


  • When underground, removing wall blocks lets you teleport back to your ship until a certain distance down. Natural light can also shine through.
  • You can put everything in the second inventory (pouch) and not just raw material blocks.
  • Tentacle "trees" on tentacle worlds drop wood instead of flesh or maybe tentacles
  • Plants can grow on bricks in villages.
  • Sound effects of blocks mined or trees falling are stacked up, making them quite loud sometimes.
  • Opening storage, furnace or campfire (basically anything that opens the inventory and another window) will reset your inventory location.
  • It's possible to jump for a short time after walking off a ledge.
  • Character is spawning with less then full HP left.
  • You cannot crouch while underwater, even if standing on the bottom.
  • Ship Teleporter cannot be interacted with when holding the Wiring Tool
  • Sound when energy is depleted or restored does not play anymore.


  • When travelling with your party on one ship, the fuel is gone from this ship, however all other ships are transported to your current location without spending any fuel.


  • There are no recipes for platforms, only wood and modern ones can be crafted


  • Consoles in the ship should be either in the background layer or movable. They make a lot of unusable space in front of them. Pickaxes, drills, and the matter manipulator works on them, but nothing happens.
  • Items that require +2 blocks to stand on, require all these blocks to be there, without any holes.
  • Platinum Ore is even more rare than Titanium Ore


  • Uranium Rods & Plutonium Rods gives as much fuel as as their ore counterparts
  • Apple Pie inflicts burn on Florans when eaten.
  • Bandages/Stims/Medkits don't scale to added HP from armor.
  • All Codex entries learned on a server are only available on a specific server and won't be readable while being on an other server or in singleplayer. Similarly, any Codex entries from SP won't be available in MP. This seems to sometimes include the tutorial entries that your character starts with, making it impossible to get those in other universes except for the very first your character was created in.


  • If you place any blocks on liquid, the liquid will be gone after placed blocks are removed.
  • When placing any blocks into lava, the blocks can reveal ore veins
  • Tar mixes with water in an odd way. Tar poured on top of water piles on top of the water (and vice versa, if with rainfall on a planet with natural tar surface liquid), instead of mixing together to create one liquid.


  • Using the Pulse Jump tech when falling can cause fall damage when falling hard enough.
  • Both the Particle Boost Tech and Particle Thrust Tech have the same effect.


  • The Jelly boss' state of passive or aggressive is unsure. Doesn't break blocks with body slam/excrete ability whatsoever. Spawned minions are passive and can be ignored, despite that they may occasionally attack the player.
  • The T4 boss (Jelly) does not have unique sound effects, and instead uses the default animal cries when damaged or attacking.
  • Some monsters on higher worlds will only drop 10 pixels at a time, while on lower worlds, some drop larger amounts than they should.
  • It may be possible for baby creatures to inadvertently be selected as minibosses.
  • Glitch Spiders behave strangely when knocked off of a platform or wall, and will "slide" through the air while floaitng as if they were falling in that direction until they come into contact with another solid surface.


  • NPCs that use firearms will drop melee weapons upon death.
  • Enemies with guns have a blindspot right up close to them, where they cannot hit you

Weapons & Armor

  • Weapons are not too responsive
  • When you shoot arrows at enemies underwater and the arrow sinks, it still causes damage.
  • When switching to a weapon, it takes an abnormally long amount of time to be able to swing. It MIGHT not be a bug, however a usage delay notification or something would be useful.
  • Removing armor then putting it back on resets HP to 100


  • Iron Ore is really hard to see on certain blocks
  • Platinum Ore is difficult to distinguish from Silver Ore
  • Interface Windows totaling an odd number of pixels height wise, results in the top border being cut off (the black outline) by one pixel.
  • On a fully upgraded glitch ship, between the two doors leading to the most left room, there is no wall.