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An image of the Human Mech.

Mechs are a type of vehicle available to the player. Mechs have arms, legs and can walk just like a normal player can. Eventually, there will be more Mechs based on each race. Mechs are found and used via techs.


When the mech tech is used, it causes the player to be inside of a tall mech. Mechs can jump higher than the player, but move slower. Mechs can also shoot projectiles from front-facing guns.


Bugs & Anomalies

Bug v. Enraged Koala: Mechs seem to be incomplete and only deal one damage per bullet to any enemy and are missing their legs for some players.
Bug : When using your Mech near other players for the first time, it will make a horrendous noise for everyone close to you including yourself.
Bug : Entering the mech while on uneven ground or in a ship will make your game freeze for 20 seconds and produce a very loud and screechy sound.