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The Novakid are a playable race in Starbound, resembling Energy beings.

Background[edit | edit source]

Forged aeons ago in the fusion furnaces of a now-dead star, the Novakid are a perfect example of nature’s emergent beauty. These creatures, described by a human astronomer as “interstellar gas-bag people”, have no known single origin point: that information is long lost, as the Novakid have little to no desire to record their history, or even pass it on to their offspring. Though they are (generally) more intelligent and intuitive than the “fleshy” races, their attention spans are lacking – this does not make them any less effective in combat, but has the effect of restricting their technology research (and any groundbreaking research is forgotten within a few generations).

The force that drives the Novakid is contained within the brand on their faces. Charged with huge amounts of energy, these pieces of metal generate the hard plasma “shells” which stop their constituent gases from leaking – if a Novakid is depleted of his or her vital gases, the energy contained within their brand is instantly vented into the very fabric of spacetime.

Since the Novakid have a short memory (and attention span), diplomatic relations can be strained at times; because of their completely different composition to other lifeforms, Novakid are sometimes unable to grasp the nuances of interracial social interactions, and have thus attained a slightly dubious reputation amongst other races. In particular, an Avian diplomat reportedly described a Novakid he met as “dense”, and elaborated upon his statement by mentioning that the Novakid in question had cheerily asked him if his god, Kluex, was real.

Physiology[edit | edit source]

The most important part of a Novakid is the brand - the dense metal symbol situated in the middle of their face. The brand is responsible for metabolizing fuels and producing a magnetic field/membrane that defines the shape of the body, keeping the precious plasmas from dispersing. Breaking the "skin" results in plasma venting / bleed-out, which if left untended leads to fuel depletion and inevitably death, leaving only a twisted metal symbol and a nearly undetectable warping of light around the area of death.

The least important part of a Novakid is the corona - the hair-like emissions that emanate from the head. This serves no function other than to be pretty and impress other Novakid. It can be styled by running a low electric current through the Novakid’s brand.

Life Stages[edit | edit source]

A new Novakid is born when its parents mix their plasma together in a high temperature, high pressure condition and enough elements fuse into denser materials that form a new brand. The new brand then claims the plasma mixture as its own and a protokid (which hardly resembles a mature Novakid) born.

Towards the end of its life, the Novakid’s brand loses potency and the magnetic membrane grows weaker. The plasma is more loosely contained, and the elderly Novakid takes on a larger, duller appearance and a reddish hue (derogatory term: "red giants").

Novakid tend to explode violently when they die, so deathbeds are typically outdoors and at high elevations (with friends and family below). All that remains after a Novakid explosion is an inert chunk of smoldering metal that was once its brand. These "starlike" creatures are (very slightly) radioactive, and have a half life of 200 years, though most never get that old and are killed in the frequent conflicts with other races. The Floran love Novakids as they give of light for them to feed off of.

Gameplay effects[edit | edit source]

If the Player chooses to be a Novakid, certain things are different:

  • The player will emit a faint glow, though they won't necessarily light up a cave. Note that, unlike other race's special abilities, this glow is not gained by crafting the race-specific starter armor, but is in fact an attribute of the race itself.

Gear[edit | edit source]

Novakids start with cowboy themed Weapons, two guns the Red Ryder and the Rusty Revolver. The Armor Novakids start with are cowboy themed as well, a waistcoat and pants.

Novakid Ship[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The Novakid were initially created by Bietol[1]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Novakids appear to be the "Southerns" of the universe

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