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Pixel.png Pixels are the currency used in Starbound. They are used to purchase weapons, armor, and food from merchants NPCs and in some crafting recipes like the Distress Beacon, as well as in the 3D Printer.

When the player dies, they lose 10% of their pixel total when playing in the Casual mode, and 30% when playing in Survivor mode.

Methods to obtain

  • Crafted in the refinery.
  • Dropped by monsters when killed with a non-hunting weapon
  • By breaking pots or opening containers
  • Found in chests or boxes
  • Killing guards and villagers in villages

Pixel Farming

There are currently 4 popular methods for farming pixels.

Surface farming

The first is simple to run along a planet's surface and killing any monsters you come across. This works best on the highest difficulty planet you can stand, as pixel drops increase with difficulty.

Ore Farming

The second method involves mining with the sole purpose of gathering ores to refine into pixels using the refinery. This method can vary in speed, as the materials that ores can be found in vary from hard to soft.

Bird Farming (2 ways)

The third method requires the most equipment, but yields the best results. With the Bubble Boost upgrade, fly along a planet's surface killing any birds you find. Birds have less health and higher spawn rates, making them ideal for pixel farming. Like the first method, this method works best on the highest threat level planet you can survive with ease.


Create a "Y" shape in the sky with turrets in the center going up and allow the turrets to shoot birds going by which causes the drops such as pixels to make their way to the center of the "Y" shape where you can collect them.

Sewage Farm(most effective way)

Find a Sewage area and lead all of the "Poo Golems" to one area and trap them. Then make a hole just big enough for then to be able to see you but not hit you and they will throw tiny poo's at you, you then make sure there is a hole that drops them to turrets that then kill the tiny poo's and collect the pixels every now and again. the higher the difficulty the more pixels you will get.

How to store

The pixel compressor creates pixel voxels of different values. A voxel can be converted back to pixels but 40% of the pixels are lost in the process.