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The Apex quest 'On The Run.'

Quests are in-game missions offering the player rewards for completing objectives. Most quests are pre-requisites for others.

As you progress through the game, quests will appear. Quests are the best way to earn Pixels, the in-game currency, and often rewards the player with items that either cannot be crafted or would be prohibitively expensive/complicated to produce outside of the quest line.

Quest list

Tier 1 - Main Story Quests

No. Race Quest
1 Apex On The Run
1 Avian Spread Your Wings
1 Floran Fresh Meat
1 Glitch Time For An Upgrade
1 Human There's No Place Like Home
1 Hylotl Fish Out Of Water
1 Novakid A Big Bang
2 All Shop Class
3 All Food Fight
4 All Out Of The Frying Pan...
5 All Forging Ahead
6 All First Contact