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All playable races.

A race is a species of sentient organisms in Starbound. There are seven races the Player can choose to play as, and many others that populate the planets throughout the universe. Cats, frogs and penguins are some examples of non-playable races.

Playable races

These seven races are currently playable according to released character creation screens.

  • Human Icon.png Human: Humans are simple space explorers, and come from Earth.
  • Avian Icon.png Avian: Avians are bird-like humanoids who worship their deity, Kluex, the Winged God of the Aether.
  • Apex Icon.png Apex: Apex are ape-like humanoids that traded their physical appearance for the sake of intelligence.
  • Floran Icon.png Floran: Floran are plant-based humanoids and are known for their aggressive nature.
  • Hylotl Icon.png Hylotl: Hylotl are fish-like humanoids who value peace and prosperity.
  • Glitch Icon.png Glitch: Glitch are robotic humanoids created by an unknown race, long ago.
  • Novakid Icon 2.png Novakid: Glowing Cowboyish people composed of solar gasses contained by a supercharged metal brand on their face.

Races will not have major gameplay differences, but may have different crafting recipes or starting gear, which may grant different bonuses.

Racial Armor Bonuses (This feature was scrapped during development.)

Full armor sets would have been required to get these bonus.

  • Human Icon.png Human: Allows you to carry more items, which "possibly" might change[1]
  • Avian Icon.png Avian: Allows you to glide
  • Apex Icon.png Apex: Allows you to jump higher, maybe run faster
  • Floran Icon.png Floran: Allows you to convert sunlight into extra energy
  • Hylotl Icon.png Hylotl: Allows you to breathe underwater and swim faster
  • Glitch Icon.png Glitch: Allows you to mine faster

Default Skins

Male (♂)

Glitch Male.png Hylotys Male.png Floran Male.png Apex Male.png Human Male.png Avian Male.png
Glitch Male Hylotyls Male Floran Male Apex Male Human Male Avian Male

Female (♀)

Glitch Female.png Hylotyls Female.png Floran Female.png Apex Female.png Human Female.png Avian Female.png
Glitch Female Hylotyls Female Floran Female Apex Female Human Female Avian Female

Personality (Stances)

Race Spaceships

Human Spaceship. Avian Spaceship. Glitch Spaceship. Apex Spaceship. Hylotl Spaceship. Floran Spaceship.

Bugs & Anomalies

Bug : There is a spelling mistake in one speechbubble, with 'thino' instead of 'think' (Avian or Apex)