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A Research Lab.

Research is done in the space station's Research Lab. You can find tech blueprints in random chests around the world. There are several types of tech upgrades.

  • Butterfly Boost - A bubble surrounds the player and they fly in the direction they are pressing (use WASD or ZQSD with SPACE)
  • Energy Dash - A quick dash in a direction (use AD or QD twice in one way)
  • Gravity Bubble - A bubble surrounds the player and disables gravity. Making the player rise up in the sky. (use SPACE)
  • Morph Ball - Transforms the player into a ball, like in Metroid. (Use F to activate Morph Ball)
  • Pulse Jump - Double jump (use SPACE after a Jump)
  • Targeted Teleport - A short ranged teleport to where your cursor is.
  • Rocket Jump - A very high boosted jump (hold W or Z and press SPACE)