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The spaceship acts as the player's and transport between planets. For the spaceship to work on FTL drive (jumping between solar systems, it requires fuel such as Erechius liquid fuel. The appearance of your spaceship is determined by your race, as shown by the gallery below.

You can Now upgrade your ship if you get a ship liscence from the peinguin bay and then talk to your AI to make the amelioration of the ship (Every race's ship will upgrade in a different way) and it is possible to place decorative objects inside of it. Additionally, you're also able to customize and put any items for building (Crafting Table, Anvil, Chests, etc...) or saving as you would typically build on the planet, inside your ship.

Additionally, the ship contains an unbreakable teleportation pad, a storage locker, a 3D Printer/Tech panel, a navigation computer system, and a fueling station.

Ship Components

Teleportation Pad Teleportation Pad.png The Teleportation Pad is an object allowing the player to travel to and from their spaceship. Once a ship has reached its destination location, The Player can use the pad to reach the surface of the planet. When a player returns to their ship, they will re-materialize at the pad location.
Shiplocker Ship Locker.gif The shiplocker acts like a chest allowing players to store items there. It can store 64 items. Stack-able items can be stored in stacks.
Computer (3D Printer and Tech Navigator) Ship Computer.png The ship's computer allows the player to access the 3D Printer (aka the Pixel Printer), navigate acquired tech, and access the S.A.I.L..
Fuel Hatch Fuel Tank.gif The fuel hatch is the location where players can refuel their ship.
Pilot Control Chair Pilot Chair.png The pilot control chair allows the player to navigate to other planets.

The fuel

There is only one type of fuel now, the liquid erchius fuel, you can find it in its liquid form on planets or buy it at the outpost.

Bugs & Anomalies

Bug : 3D printer scans objects, which cannot be made later.
Bug : Some placeable objects disappear when you leave your spaceship
Bug : Sometimes selecting planet-systems (not solar systems) on the star-map causes the game to change to a blurry x4 zoom view. This can usually be fixed by minimizing and then restoring the window but sometimes attempting this causes a crash.
Bug : Activating the travel menu can cause the game to crash. Restarting works with some lag.
Bug : For some reason, when using the Navigation window and zooming into a system with a Forest or Arid planet, the game goes out off fullscreen and back to windowed mode.
Bug : Maximum coordinates that can be input are +/- 999999999 however you can go to planets beyond that.
Bug : Star system/planet names (like gamma marfak-east majoris) are sometimes too long for the planet overview part of the navigation window and get cut off.
Bug : Sometimes, navigating the ship's starmap is impossible. Zoom in/out doesn't work, typing in custom co-ordinates doesn't work. The only way to reach other planets are by clicking "Go to Random" and clicking random systems.
Bug : Zooming out on the starmap sometimes causes the application window goes from fullscreen to windowed and setting the overall zoom level to maximum.
Bug : If left open, the ship inventory will eventually play the 'close chest' sound even though it remains open.
Bug : When sitting on chair in the cockpit, games becomes laggy on certain devices.
Bug : Flying to a planet you can't land on gets you stuck in warp speed.
Bug : While on ship, when the background is rotating after a while, there is a small skip of rotation, making the smooth transition break for a split second.
Bug : The time on the planet continues to advance while you are in your ship, however there is no indication of the time of day while in orbit.
Bug : You can go through the roof of your ship by placing a shelf very near the ceiling, place bed on it, then use the bed from below and wake up. You will be stuck there though.
Bug : It is possible to die after beaming up. After the part in the animation where your character is off screen but the screen is still on the planet, if an enemy hits where you were previously standing, you take damage. If you die, the beam animation completes to your ship, but you do not show up. Then, after a 3-5 second pause, the game shows the respawn animation.
Bug : Teleport pads do not work sometimes.
Bug : You cannot open the navigation GUI while sitting in the pilot's seat. If you close the GUI, you remain seated and unable to reopen the gui until you get out of the chair.
Bug : Plants can grow over the walls of the ship.
Anomaly: Consoles in the ship should be either in the background layer or movable. They make a lot of unusable space in front of them. Pickaxes, drills, and the matter manipulator works on them, but nothing happens.


  • v. Angry Koala: Free teleportation to home planet from a ship's teleporter, even if a player is as far as another sector away
  • v. Indignant Koala: Players are now invincible on their spaceship (requires a new character)
  • v. Irritated Koala:
    • Fixed human starter chest showing apex starter items
    • You can no longer teleport to another players ship from underground
  • v. Perturbed Koala: Introduced