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Starbound Codex

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Starbound Codex.png

The Starbound Codex is opened by clicking on the book icon in the upper right corner of the screen or pressing L. New log files can be added to the Codex by selecting a new book and right clicking your character.

General Entries

Apex Entries

Avian Entries

Floran Entries

Glitch Entries

Human Entries

Hylotl Entries

Bugs & Anomalies

Bug : Codex entries are still marked as NEW even after you read them completely.
Bug : In the codex, A To-Do List, part of the text on the second page runs out of the window.
Bug : Long titles in codex entries goes off window.
Bug : The Floran codexes "An Angry Rant" and "A Review of Floran Peace" are exactly the same, save for their titles.
Anomaly: All Codex entries learned on a server are only available on a specific server and won't be readable while being on an other server or in singleplayer. Similarly, any Codex entries from SP won't be available in MP. This seems to sometimes include the tutorial entries that your character starts with, making it impossible to get those in other universes except for the very first your character was created in.