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Status Effects

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Status effects are temporary effects that affect players and other entities in an unusual way. They can give players extra abilities, or increase their already-existent powers. The player is notified of their status effects, if they have any, by an icon underneath their energy bar.

Status Effects on Enemies

Many enemies can have innate status effects, allowing for enemies with unique powers/abilities.

List of Status Effects


Absorbs damage over a set duration.


Heals 14.5 health per second over the course of 5 seconds.


Temporarily increases armor rating over a set period of time.


Reflects a set amount of damage back to an enemy.

Brain Reboot

Reboots the brain with a 100% chance.


Increases breathing rate by 1.


Deals fire damage every second to player for five seconds. Also creates a small Glow effect. Caused by contact with Lava.


Increases chill rating which affects the player in a number of ways.

Clumsy Protection

Increases armor rating by a random percentage.

Cold Protection

Defends against and reduces armor reduction due to Chill.

Direct Damage

Directly adds to damage dealt.

Direct Percentile Damage

Directly increases the damage dealt.


Increases jumping by 50%, and boosts running to max speed.

Double Jump

Allows the character to double jump.


Attaches electric damage to all attacks.


Weighs down the player by a given percentage.


Creates an energy shield that absorbs and disperses damage for a set amount of time.

Energy Regen Modifier

Increases energy regeneration by a set percentage over a set amount of time.

Energy Regen Suppressed

Suppresses energy regeneration by a set percentage.

Energy Shield

Creates an energy shield that negates damage.

Explosive Defense

Grants defense against explosive damage.


Adds fire damage to all attacks.

Flawed Protection

Adds a small, variable amount of defense.


Increases the effectiveness of food.

Food Depletion Suppressed

Suppresses the speed of food depletion, making stocks last longer.


Creates a forcefield around the player.


Decreases falling speed for a short duration.


Creates a glowing aura around the effected item/character. This effect has a chance of coming out of status pods. It also comes out of Glow Stim Packs.


Increases view distance.


Increases health and allows for healing.

Heat Protection

Protects from heat for a short time.

Jump Boost

Boosts jump distance and height. Has a chance to be given from status pods. Given from Jump Boost Stim Packs.

Molly Healing 1

Heals for 12.85 health over five seconds.

Molly Healing 2

Heals for 12.85 health over fifteen seconds.

Molly Healing 3

Heals for 14.50 health over thirty seconds.


Heals for 25 health over five seconds.


Makes you nuuuuuuude. No better explanation


Increases food consumption and decreases speed.


Deals damage to player every two seconds for 15 seconds. Caused by contact with Acid.

Power Boost

Boosts power.


Protects from damage.

Red Stim

Heals 14.5 health over thirty seconds. This effect is gotten from the use of a Red Stim Pack.

Reduce Fall Damage

Reduces falling damage.

Ring of Power

Makes user invisible while active.

Run Boost

Boosts running speed. Lasts for thirty seconds and can come from stim packs and status pods.


Creates a physical shield.

Shield Suppressed

Suppresses shielding.


Creates spikes around player, causing physical damage to enemies around you.

Sugar Rush

Boosts jumping by 25% and running to maximum rating for fifteen seconds.

Swim Boost

Boosts swimming.


Breath Protection

Allows the player to not require air.