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An example of a Human, female player.

The Player is the entity that represents the current player. The Player is two blocks wide and four blocks tall (approximately six feet tall).

A player can be one of the seven species: Humans, Apex, Avians, Floran, Glitch, Hylotl, or Novakid. Race will not affect player stats, but will change the visual representation of the character and objects they craft.[1]


Many of the player's characteristics can be altered, including among others their clothing, hair, personality (stance), and species.[2]

A reproduction of the character creator has been added to the forums (forum account required). This character creator, however, does not have as many characteristics options as the actual in-game creator (to date).


The player dies when their Health reaches zero. Upon death, player's are revived at their spaceship and lose 20% of their current Pixels.


The controls can be found in the "Control Yourself" entry in the Codex.

Left and right A/D
Duck S
Jump Space
Interact E/Middle Mouse Button
Select foreground objects Left Mouse Button
Select background objects Right Mouse Button
Select Single Block Shift (hold)
Investigation Cursor N
Crafting Menu C
Quest Journal J
Codex L
Hide HUD F1
System Menu Escape
Throw Item Q
Toggle Held Items X
Swap L/R Items Z
Hold Hotbar Item 0-9 or Mousewheel + Shift for Right Hand
Quick Move Item Shift + Click
Split Item Stack Right click
Toggle fullscreen F11 or Alt-Enter

Bugs & Anomalies

Bug : After creating a character, you press on it and game shuts down.
Bug : Scrolling down the character selection screen until you do not see any created characters and then scrolling back up will freeze the game just before the top character is visible.
Bug : At character creation, human undy color can be picked, however there is no visual indication of what color you have picked.
Bug : The armor is drawn behind the character's body.
Bug : Creating an OpenGL character can overwrite your usual character.
Bug : Pressing down one (or more times) in the character selection to scroll through the char list and then pressing up one times more than down was pressed, the first character data will be loaded.
Bug : If you try to jump while placing blocks under your character, sometimes it happens to be stuck in the blocks until you break them.
Bug : For hylotl characters, when choosing to start with the monk's outfit top/bottom, the "arms" and "legs" of the character are human flesh-toned, instead of the same skin color that the rest of the character uses
Bug : universalDamage no longer applies to players, so self-damage with explosions is near impossible.
Bug : Players can spawn inside blocks
Bug : The hair only seems visible depending on how much the hat takes up the space of the player's hair
Anomaly: Character is spawning with less then full HP left.
Bug : The player can parcially fit in spaces of 3 block (however the playes is 4 blocks tall) and step and stay in the border of the little space, allowing him to jump from this position.


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