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Tools are primarily non-combat and are items used to destroy blocks. These uses include harvesting materials from the terrain and painting. They are equipped to a slot along the top action bar and are used in a fashion similar to weapons. Some tools are better at certain tasks and some tasks can only be completed with a specific tool. The main ones are pickaxes, axes, hoes, and the Matter Manipulator.

There are some exceptional tools that are used for purposes other than mining and destroying blocks. These include the Flashlight, Wiring Tool, and Grappling Hook.

It is highly recommended to get pickaxes and axes as fast as possible as noted by the Matter Manipulator's mining speed below.


The Matter Manipulator is the first tool The Player can obtain and is found in the locker in their spaceship. It mines a 2x2 area but is extremely slow at mining, and is held while placing objects. Pickaxes are primarily used to mine dirt and stone, but are also capable of harvesting trees and plant fibre. Pickaxes have a durability bar, unlike most tools. When emptied, the pickaxe becomes "blunt" and takes longer to mine. It can be repaired by right-clicking it with the corresponding ore or bar or hold down alt key and right click on tools with bars. e.g, using Copper Ore to repair a Copper Pickaxe.

  • Drills are similar to pickaxes in function, but are faster.
  • Axes are used to mine trees and plant fibre faster than a pickaxe.
  • Hoes till dirt to allow planting seeds for farming.
  • The Bonehammer is also capable of mining blocks.

Tool lists