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Weapons are items in Starbound used by The Player and some NPCs to inflict damage. There are different Weapon Types, some of which are procedurally generated via Weapon Generation and others can be crafted by the The Player. Certain tiers and types of weapons are common across all weapon categories. some can be One handed, and some can be Two handed.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons cause physical damage dependent on their tier in an over-the-head slash, or a left or right jab away from The Player. The following is a partial list of the swords in the game. A complete list is also available.



  • Dagger
  • Shortsword
  • Broadsword


Other types of weapons include:

  • Hammer
  • Axe
  • Spear

Guns & Bows

Guns are energy based, ranged weapons that consume The Player's energy bar as ammunition upon use. According to the developers, all planned guns will be energy based and consume the energy bar as ammunition instead of other consumables.


  • Bow
  • Pistol
  • Machine Pistol
  • Assault Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Flamethrower
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Rocket Launcher


Throwables are consumable weapons which can be thrown to deal damage. Unlike other weapons they do not function on a tiered system, and it is impossible to find Throwables with different stats.


Shields are one handed tools which when equipped and being used can reduce the damage of an incoming attack, or Block it completely.

Race Specific

Some weapon types are only dropped by specific kinds of NPCs. Not all NPCs will drop a weapon on death, even if they are armed with one. The quality of these procedurally generated weapons is dependent on planetary difficulty.


Human: USCM Prison

  • Chair: (melee) two-handed folding metal chair, with a slow and high damage attack.
  • Uzi: (ranged) one handed machine pistol which fires very quickly.

Glitch: Castle

  • glitchsmallmace: (melee) one handed medieval style flanged mace.
  • glitchlargemace: (melee) two-handed weapon spiked mace.
  • Glitch Crossbow: (ranged) two handed, slow firing, sniper rifle-like weapon which shoots crossbow bolts.

Avian: Temple

  • Avian Sword: (melee) one handed, fast attacking shortsword-like weapon.
  • Avian Blaster: (ranged) two handed, extremely fast attacking, crystal tipped minigun-like weapon which fires a stream of bullets.

Rarity Types

As with other items in Starbound, weapons have a rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Legendary). Legendary weapons have unique graphics and attacks, often releasing secondary projectiles after firing. Because of Weapon Generation two aesthetically similar legendary weapons found on a different planets will likely have different names, stats, and even numbers of secondary projectiles. Thus it is unlikely to find two legendaries (e.g. two different "watersword"s) which are the same in every way.


Bugs & Anomalies

Bug : High DPS on craftable tier 2 weapons
Bug : You can hit enemies through walls with projectiles, if the weapon produces any. Tesla Staffs and similar weapons can shoot through one-block walls.
Bug : The higher a gun's projectile speed, is the higher does it seem to be off with aiming at some angles.
Bug : Grenade launchers allow the user to kill teammates and self.
Bug : When you hold a spear, you naturally hold it in your left hand, however, attack with it while facing right causes your spear to switch hands for the duration of the attack.
Bug : Plasma Grenade and Bomb are also bugged, you can kill every player even if he/she isn't in pvp mode.
Bug : Ranged weapons can require +100 energy to shoot. This isnt is a bug so you Maybe made well on delete it
Bug : When using two handed weapon with some effect (poison, lightning, etc), LMB works normally, but with RMB, it's a different affect
Bug : Arrows sometimes do no damage
Bug : About 30% of the time when firing an arrow at a creature (when above the creature, shooting down), the arrow hits the creature, and the arrow disappears, but no damage is dealt.
Bug : The Thrashthrower weapon that has the sliding bomb attribute does damage to players
Bug : Some swords are grabbed like a spear, in the middle and not on the end.
Bug : The majority of splash damage can cause damage to other players, even with PvP off. This also applies to certain Legendary Swords with area effect ability.
Bug : When projectiles are shot from point blank at a target, they sometimes disappear and fail to deal damage.
Bug : Swing animations do not change sides when the player turns around and if the player quickly switches items before swinging (enough to cancel the attack), switches to a different item and goes back to the weapon, the swing will reactivate.
Bug : When swinging a weapon, the slash effect is visually behind the player.
Anomaly: Weapons are not too responsive
Anomaly: When you shoot arrows at enemies underwater and the arrow sinks, it still causes damage.
Anomaly: When switching to a weapon, it takes an abnormally long amount of time to be able to swing. It MIGHT not be a bug, however a usage delay notification or something would be useful.This isnt a bug the time between hits determine this so you may delete this bug


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